MOYA Group is facing a dynamic future. Throughout the country, we are witnessing growing momentum and major investments in construction and infrastructure. Significant projects are emerging in the field of infrastructure including the Turkey.

Such projects substantially reflect the increasing scope of complex development works already in progress and also those in future planning stages.

Spurred by the above momentum, MOYA Group a leading company in the field of tunnel support equipment and infrastructure construction in Turkey, has chosen to utilize its professional know-how and experience also to establish ARMOSAN, its subsidiary company specialized in production of “Self Drilling Anchor-Bolts” and has added this value to increase the quality level, which were previously imported.

ARMOSAN is destined to take a leadership position in emerging construction developments, to improve existing know-how and to contribute to raising the standard to meet the high quality requirements of our partners.

Armosan Fabrika
Business Area

Tunneling, Mining, Hydroelectric Plant and Civil Construction

Business Mix

100% production of Self-drilling anchor bolt’s with hot-drawing method


Our factory has, 4.000 m² covered space and 5.000 m² additional capacity is ready for on going projects

Why Armosan?

  • Self-drilling bolt is manufactured in a way that pipes manufactured with hot-drawing method in accordance with API standards are drilled rounded screw outside with cold-rolling method.
  • It provides convenience in installation of drill bit, nipple and nut thanks to its rounded screw form. By this means, it increases adhesion performance of concrete to bolt.
  • Doing drilling and injection processes at one go without changing equipment decreases anchoring time for each hole half-and-half.
  • Without needing high priced drill bits, it performs drilling process with low priced bits.
  • It is the most ideal system for filling up injection excellently starting from the edge to the mouth of hole.
  • It enables to anchor more deeply and quickly due to its easily addable feature in comparison to other anchoring systems. It enables to drill and inject until 30 meter’s by using nipples.
  • As it is in other anchoring systems, there is no need for drilling pre-pore and using anchor pipe. It provides stabilization of hole during drilling.
  • It provides to make strong anchor in the least volume. It optimizes needs for man and machine power.
  • Because it is able to be produced in different sections and diameters, a system appropriate for tensile strength required by the project can be formed.